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Most of the content for this blog comes from the library of books I read daily. I am always searching for new ideas to share and explore. Below is a list of books that have really influenced me and changed my perspetive on design and creativity. They are quality books, and I recommend them to everyone wholeheartedly.


Please know, as an Amazon Associate I earn from any qualifying purchases. If you would like one of these books, simply click the book image to be redirected to Amazon. You never have to use my Amazon link, but I would always appreciate it. Thanks and enjoy!

How Drawings Work by Susan Piedmont-Palladino

An epic undertaking which beautifully illustrates the importance of drawing in architecture. It stresses the value of understanding what you draw, the subtleties of communication, and techniques for drawing with clarity and purpose. It is by far one of my favorite books, and it offers something new with each read.
This book will teach you (in great detail) how to communicate your ideas effectively. 

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

This book is a masterpiece of insight into the creative process. Twyla has a deep understanding of creativity: what sparks it, how to develop it, and how to use it.
I love this book because it does not portray "creativity" as a vague concept that some people have and others do not. Creativity is a mindset that anyone can tap into. This book explains "how" in rich and clear detail. No ambiguity.

A Field Guide to American Houses

The embodiment of a priceless architectural reference book. This guide is an impressive compendium of every American architectural style. It features beautiful, simple drawings of all the architectural components in a house.
What window configuration is key to the Georgian style? What does a classical portico look like? What do Victorian roof lines look like?

Get Your House Right

An invaluable resource for any project that demands historical accuracy. The level of detail and clarity that this book offers is honestly astounding. Curious what a correct, historically accurate dormer looks like? Want to know exactly how you should detail it? This book leaves no room for guessing. The thoroughness alone is enough to gawk over.